Alfredo Beltrán Leyva

Nationality: Mexican
Nickname: El Mochomo
Cartel Affiliation: Sinaloa cartel, Beltran-Leyva cartel

The Beltran-Leyva cartel was founded by five brothers: Marcos Arturo, Carlos, Mario Alberto, Alfredo, and Hector. All of which were previously affiliated with the Sinaloa cartel until one of the brothers was arrested. Alfredo Beltran Leyva was arrested on January 20, 2008.

He was in charge of large scale drug smuggling and money laundering for Sinaloa cartel.

His brothers sought out revenge for their brothers arrest. They blamed Joaquín "Chapo" Guzmán, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel and their former boss.

The Beltran-Leyva cartel formed alliances with the Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel. The activities the brothers were responsible for included human smuggling, kidnapping, money laundering, extortion, gun-running, and murder. They maintained control over many of the drug trafficking corridors. Furthermore they were responsible for the production and wholesaleing of heroin, cocaine and marijuana.