Gustavo Rivera Martinez

Nationality: Mexican
Nickname: El Gus, El Licenciado, El P1
Cartel Affiliation: Tijuana Cartel

United States citizen, Gustavo Rivera Martinez, was arrested on March 11, 2008, by the Mexican Federal Police. Rivera Martinez was born in California and a graduate from Bonita Vista High School. Despite his citizenship and upstanding portrayal, he was a leader in the Tijuana cartel and had affiliations with the Arellano-Felix cartel.

Rivera Martinez was the responsible party, for the management of business operations, such as the acquisition, storage, transportation and delivery of drugs to the United States and further laundering the proceeds, for the Tijuana Cartel.

Gustavo Rivera Martinez had a $2 million reward for information leading to his arrest. He had been a fugitive from USA since 2002. Gustavo's charges included; Conspiracy to import marijuana and cocaine, Conspiracy to distribute marijuana and cocaine, & Aiding and Abetting.