Ismael Zambada Garcia

Ismael Zambada Garcia

Nationality: Mexican
Nickname: El Mayo
Cartel Affiliation: Sinaloa Cartel

Ismael Zambada Garcia is a notorius leader of arguably the most powder drug cartel in the world, the Sinaloa Cartel. He and his partner Joaquin Guzman Lorea are fugitives from the law in the United States and Mexico. Ismael Zambada Garcia has been involved in drug trafficking for over 30 years. There are just a few and dated photos that exists of Ismael Zambada Garcia. He is believed to have had plastic surgery performed on him in order to evade law enforcement and lives under a false identity. Ismael Zambada-Garcia's family members are active participants in the drug trafficking organization. In 2008, his brother Jesus Zambada Garcia was arrested in a posh neighborhood of Mexico City. In March 2009, his son Vicente Zambada Niebla was also arrested in a luxurious neighborhood in Mexico City.

In May 2002, Ismael Zambada Garcia was designated by the President of the United States of America as being a Tier 1 drug kingpin pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act.

Ismael Zambada Garcia was born in 1948 in the western Mexican state of Sinaloa. His family members include Zynthia Borboa Zazueta, Maria Teresa Zambada Niebla, Rosario Niebla Cardoza, Midiam Patricia Zambada Niebla, Monica Del Rosario Zambada Niebla and Modesta Zambada Niebla.

Ismael Zambada Garcia is involved with the following businesses that originate in Culiacan, Sinaloa "Multiservicios Jeviz", "Gasolinera Rosario", "Lecheria Santa Monica" "Establo Puerto Rico" and "Jamaro Constructores".

Carmen Amelia Araujo Laveaga, Jesus Alfonso Lopez Diaz, Santos Bueno Garcia and Jose Antonio Peregrina Taboada are some of the organization's top financial officers.