Javier Arellano Felix

Nationality: Mexican
Nickname: El Tigrrillo (Little Tiger or The Wildcat)
Cartel Affiliation: Felix-Arellano, Tijuana Cartel

Francisco Javier Arellano Felix is the leader of the Tijuana Cartel. This cartel is known for its recruitment of high powered enforcers dereiving from gangs from both Mexico and the United States. Many of the Latin American former gangsters were trained to be assassins within the cartel. At the peek of the cocaine rush in the 1990's, this cartel was the supplier for nearly half of the cocaine that had been smuggled into the United States.

In January, 2006 it was discoved that Felix's cartel had dug tunnels from Tijuana to the United States.

There was a five million dollar bounty placed on Javier Arellano Felix. In August of 2006, Arellano Felix was arrested by the United States Coast Guard while fishing. They had received a tip as to his where abouts and it is beleived the individual wasn't aware of the bounty.

In September, 2007, Arellano Felix plead guilty to money laundering and to running a criminal enterprise. On November 5, 2007, Javier Arellano Felix was sentenced to life in prison.