Juan Oscar Garza Azuara

Nationality: Mexican
Nickname: "El Barbas"
Cartel Affiliation: Gulf Cartel

Juan Oscar Garza Azuara was a lieutenant in the Gulf Cartel. He was one of the lieutenant's that was running the organization. Garza Azuara was also referred to as, "El Barbas". Azuara was known primarily for money laundering operations but he also ran logistics for key drug trafficking routes that lead into the United States through Reynosa. The Gulf Cartel, headed up by El Barbas, had been battling their rival the Sinaloa Cartel over the control of these key smuggling routes.

Garza was also involved in trakkicing drugs and weapons, and smuggling immigrants into the United States.

Juan Oscar Garza Azuara was arrested on April 17, 2007 upon arriving at the night club "Fifty-Seven". The night club and seven vehicles were seized. Garza was accompianied by four other members fo the Gulf Cartel upon arrest. Those arrested were Garza´s girlfriend Mayra Pedraza Sánchez, Josué Garza (his brother) and Cantalicia Garza (his sister), and, Jaime Nuñez Mendoza. It is beleived by the authorities that Garza's sister was responsible for cartel's finances.