Teodoro García Simental

Nationality: Mexican
Nickname: El Teo and El Tres Letras
Cartel Affiliation: Arellano- Felix

Teodoro Garcia Simental began his career as an arrand boy and then worked his way up the ranks to a top ranking lieutenant in the Arellano Felix cartel. His association with this cartel came to an abrupt end in April, 2008 after a unsucessful attempt by the cartel leader, Sanchez Arellano, to get Garcia to end the kidnappings for ransom he had been performing. A war broke out as a result of Garcia's revolt and thirteen ended up dead. The two became rivals at this point.

Garcia Simental redirected his criminal actions. His focus was extortion and kidnappings. It produced a large revenue for him. He also waged war on his rivals. His main rival was the Arellano Felix cartel. Within a two year period, authorities said that Garcia was responsible for more than three hundred killings. Among those killed, forty-two police officers had been killed.

In January, 2009, Garcia's body disposal expert, "El Pozolero" or the "stew maker", was arrested. It is said that the victims would be dissolved in barrels of lye. Authorities say that Garcia gained notoriety for his ruthless and deparved tatics. His victims and rivals were massacred, burned, tossed in vacant lots, mutilating them and even hung their bodies from freeway overpasses. Many became scared and fled Tijuana because of Garcia.

On January 2, 2010, Teodoro Garcia Simental was arrested in Baja, California. The search for Garcia had intensified and he no longer went to Tijuana. Upon his arrest by the Mexican federal police he surrendered quietly.

The Mexican Federal authorities was offering a 2 million dollar bounty for information leading to Garcia's arrest. He was also wanted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.