Carlos Beltran Leyva arrested

Carlos Beltran Leyva arrested

On December 30th, 2009 CARLOS BELTRAN LEYVA was arrested
by Mexican Federal Police in the city of Culiacan in Sinaloa, Mexico.
Carlos Beltran-Leyva is a brother of Arturo Beltran Leyva and
Alfredo Beltran Leyva.  Arturo was killed 2 weeks ago in the city of
Cuernavaca, mexico during a shootout with special forces soldiers of
the Mexican Navy. Alfredo was arrested in January 2008 and there
are several other brothers who are leaders of the "Beltran-Leyva"
cartel that was formed after they split with the Sinaloan Cartel in

Mexican authorities did not reveal the arrest of Carlos until several
days later. Carlos Beltran Leyva had two weapons in his
possession, a rifle (.308 caliber LJD Enterprises) and a pistol (.45
caliber Charles Daly). In addition, he had several cell phones on
him and also some cocaine. When he was initially found, he
provided a false driver's license with the name of Carlos Gamez

Carlos Beltan LeyvaHermano de Arturo Beltran Leyva Sinaloa Mexico

Photos of Carlos Beltran Levya after his arrest in Culican, Mexico.

He is the brother of Arturo Beltran-Leyva who was killed two weeks ago by the Mexican Navy.  Another brother, Alfredo Beltran-Leyva was previously arrested and is currently in custody.

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