Luis Gerardo Ibarra Cardona of the Tijuana Cartel was captured

On July 20, 2009 the Mexican Army captured Luis Gerardo Ibarra Cardona, a member of the cell headed by Teodoro Garcia Simental, aka "El Teo", one of the most wanted drug trafficker in Mexico from the Tijuana Cartel. Along with his arrest army officials seized $3.6 million US. Dollars, $414,500 Pesos (about $31,212 US Dollars) a large amount of fine jewelry including 43 Rolex watches, 600 grams of crystal meth and three fire arms with ammunition.

Ibarra Cardona duties for the Tijuana Cartel were to process Crystal meth and transported it for sale. The items seized and Ibarra Cardona were turned over to Mexico's Division of Investigations Specializing in Organized Crime (SIEDO).

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