Drug Lord, Teodoro García Simental arrested in La paz

Teodoro Simental Garcia has a long history in the drug cartels in Mexico. During his early days he was not only a member of the Arellano-Felix cartel but he was one of their top ranking lieutenants. He was considered an "enforcer". He gained power and recognition by kidnapping individuals for ransom. His profits were in the multi-millions. His acts of violence were notorious in and around Tijuana, Mexico.

Little is really known about who Teodoro Simental Garcia actually is. His date of birth is unknown and only photo of him was known to exist.

In 2008, he spilt his affiliation the Arellano-Felix cartel. After an eventful departure, leaving 14 dead in a shootout, he joined alliances with the Sinaloa Cartel. His gruesome yet unique ways he sent messages to his rivals was unthinkable. In October, 2008 Garcia demonstrated his cruelty by using nine headless bodies positioned to form "3 L" which symbolized Garcia’s nickname, "El Tres". He also was known as the "Stew Maker" because of the many bodies that he disolved in barrels of acid.

Garcia’s strikes again. He rang in the New Year, 2010, with the same demonsterous acts that he had become notorious for. Garcia had cut off the face of a kidnapped victim as if he were peeling an apple. He proceeded to stitch it onto a football. A note believed to be directed to the authorities was discovered with the football that said, "Happy New Year, because it will be your last".

As mentioned these are some of the ways Garcia communicated his messages to his rivals as well as the authorities. Garcia had a body disposal expert working for him that went by, "stew maker" or "El pozolero" that was arrested in January, 2009. Upon his arrest he admitted dissolving of over 300 bodies within a two year period. Garcia also demonstrated his messages by hanging victims from overpasses and leaving disintegrated remains in barrels in the streets.

Teodoro Garcia Simental had a two million dollar reward for information leading to his arrest and was wanted by both the Mexican Federal Police and the United States DEA.

He was finally arrested on January 12, 2010 in La Paz.

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