Nebraska State Patrol seizes $2,169,403 at truck stop

Nebraska State Patrol seizes $2,169,403 at truck stop

More than 2 million dollars in U.S. currency is confiscated by the Nebraska State Patrol during a criminal interdiction at an I-80 truck stop.

On Tuesday March 30, 2004 officers with the Nebraska State Patrol noticed suspicious activity in the parking lot of a truck stop at the Gretna Interchange. The officers contacted the two men near the vehicle and were given permission to search the van. The search turned up 2 suitcases and a back pack containing 40 vacuum sealed packages of U.S. Currency. The currency totaled $2,169,403 dollars.

"This is the largest cash seizure in Nebraska State Patrol history," said Colonel Tom Nesbitt, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. "Our officers are always mindful of possible criminal activity. This time that keen perception led to 2 million dollars in drug profits being taken off the streets."

The two men driving the van indicated they were headed to the West Coast. They were questioned and released.

Source: Nebraska State Patrol

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