Over 7 million dollars seized by Mexican Officials

Over 7 million dollars seized by Mexican Officials

Officials in Mexico seized $7,025,560 in U.S. Dollars that was cleverly hidden within 20 rolls of fabric and 4 rolls of polypropylene film. The cash seizure is part of a Mexican and Colombian money laundering operation involving virtual offices and other ways to "wash money" and "clean money" and send it to Colombia.

Some of the subjects involved are Reynaldo Duarte Inda, Óscar Pedro Rodríguez Sotomayor or Alejandro Ruiz García, Eduardo Herrejón Espejel, Carlo Gonzalo Cuevas Barrio, José Luis González López (aka) "Junior", José Benjamín Córdoba Hernández (aka) "El Negro" or "El Comandante", Santiago Luques Dávila, Arturo Solano Rosales and Mario Solano Rosales. Reynaldo Duarte Inda and Óscar Pedro Rodríguez Sotomayor were leaders of the Mexican cell.

Source: Procuraduría General de la República (PGR)

This seizure is listed in "The Million Dollar Club" of Narcotic News.com.

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