Massachusetts DEA Agents Seize over $2 Million

The DEA arrested two subjects that were involved in a major western Massachusetts drug organization. Javier Gonzalez, 45 of Holyoke, and Jamil Roman, 36 of Chicopee, for drug trafficking after being caught by DEA agents with over 5 kilos of cocaine.

This long-term investigation came to an end when the DEA found $1.7 million. Officials say the drug money was found in several vehicles, with hidden compartments, that were being carried by a vehicle transport semi-truck.

An additional $335,000 in drug money was discovered at Roman’s residence in Chicopee, MA.

A DEA affidavit states that Gonzalez used the vehicle transport semi-truck from his business, JGL Truck Sales, to smuggle cocaine and heroin from Texas to Massachusetts over that past 8 years.  It’s suspected that Gonzalez would hide 50-60 kilos of cocaine in vehicles, with hidden compartments, on the trailer of the semi-truck to be able to bring the drugs across the country. 

Gonzalez and Roman were both charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine.

A total of $2,035,000 was seized during the course of the investigation.

This seizure is listed in "The Million Dollar Club" of Narcotic

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