Over $12 million Worth of Narcotics Located in a Manhattan Apartment

Over $12 million Worth of Narcotics Located in a Manhattan Apartment

Drug traffickers came up with several “clever” ways to conceal heroin and meth inside a Washington Heights’ apartment, located in upper Manhattan.

Federal Agents executed the search warrants on apartments located at 111 Wadsworth Avenue. Agents first searched apartment 21E. There they located $120,000 cash in a safe. Also, they located a hidden compartment in the bathroom. It appears the trap was a hollowed out wall behind a bathroom medicine cabinet. The trap contained 17 pounds of meth. Agents also located shoe soles, possible used to assist in trafficking the narcotics. 100 grams of heroin were located in a jacket pocket within the apartment.

Homemade trap located behind medicine cabinetShoe soles found behind medicine cabinet

Close up picture of Meth

While Agents were stiffing though documents, they located an electric bill for apartment 10E in the same building.

The Agents then successfully obtained a search warrant for apartment 10E. Agents discovered a sophisticated surveillance system that included a DVR and pinhole cameras with views of the front door and hallways leading to the apartment.

Surveillance System

It appears the drug traffickers were busy doing DIY projects involving making trapped out furniture. Agents located 24 pounds of heroin inside a wall located in a kitchen cabinet and 11 pounds of heroin stuffed between bedroom mattresses. 2 pounds of heroin were located in a TV stand with built in hidden compartments. An additional 5 pounds of heroin were located in a hidden compartment in the bathroom. Agents also discovered packaging material and a kilo-press to make bricks of heroin.

Hidden Trap located in Kitchen Cabinet11 Kilo were located hidden between mattressesHeroin found hidden in trapped out TV standKilo of Heroin found in TV Stand

A total of 44 pounds of heroin worth $12 million and 17 pounds of crystal meth with a street value of $500,000 was seized.

Pablo Paulino of Manhattan, Pedro Abreu of the Bronx and Janeison Garcia of Florida were each charged in Manhattan federal court with multiple counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

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