Illegal alien Jairo Nunez-Sanchez sentenced to 19 years in prison for black tar heroin distribution

Jairo Nunez-Sanchez, 25, an illegal alien living in Charlotte, was
sentenced in federal court to 19 years imprisonment for his
leadership role in a black tar heroin distribution ring that operated in
the Charlotte metropolitan area from March to August 2006. Jairo
Nunez-Sanchez was convicted of money laundering and drug
conspiracy and violation of the federal firearms laws. The case was
investigated by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and
agents of the Charlotte Office of the Drug Enforcement

The case against Nunez-Sanchez and others was indicted originally
in August 2006 as part of “Operation Black Gold Rush,” an
international operation which targeted trafficking of black tar heroin
in the United States. The multi-state investigation included activity in
Tennessee, Indiana, California, South Carolina, Ohio, and Arizona.
Of the original 13 defendants indicted in Charlotte in connection with
“Operation Black Gold Rush” of which Nunez-Sanchez was the
leader, five have been sentenced to terms of federal imprisonment.
Three currently await sentencing, and the remaining defendants are

Defendant Nunez-Sanchez was sentenced by the Honorable Robert
J. Conrad, Jr.

Source: USDOJ

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